Global Infusion is located in the East Hill business district of Grand Rapids, MI. East Hills, aka "The Center of the Universe" is home to art galleries, music and dance studios, local breweries, delicious restaurants, distinctive clothing stores, and unique gift shops. We have been offering Fair Trade, Organic, and local merchandise in our current location since November of 2004! Rumor has it our chai is some of the best in Michigan. If you fancy yourself a chai lover (or even if you don't!) you won't want to miss it. Stop in and say hello the next time you're in our area - we would love to meet you and show you all that our shop has to offer!


Global Infusion opened in 2004; the invention of two quirky gals with a killer chai recipe and a dream to change the world.  Over the years, Global has become known for its commitment to ethical business practices and Fair Trade goods, its support of the East Hills & Uptown communities, and our famous, delectable, homemade chai. 


If you have questions about our shop, or would like more information on anything you have seen in the store, PLEASE ask.  We love to help. 


To contact the owner, Joana, you can e-mail:



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