Our continually expanding bulk tea section features over 100 different organically grown and failry traded teas including a selection of amazing teas from "Light of Day Organics" in Traverse City, MI. All of our bulk teas are traded fairly and grown without the use of harsh argrochemicals and many of them carry the USDA Organic label.  You can now PURCHASE our teas ONLINE

01       Why should I buy looseleaf tea?

Loose leaf tea will be the best tasting, freshest tea you will ever drink.  The high quality tea leaves you get from a loose leaf product far exceed anything you can purchase pre-packaged.  In addition, you can steep and re-steep loose leaf teas...so your tea goes even further when you let it out of the bag!  All teas we sell in the shop are organically grown and farily traded. 


02       Our Tea Suppliers

Light of Day Organics (Michigan Made!)

Rishi Tea

Zhi Tea

Mountain Rose



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